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Welded Cylinder HCW Series, 3000PSI

Y&J standard clevis welding cylinder
Mature manufacturing process, standing stock on main cylinder parts, short delivery time.
Widely used in agricultural machinery, sanitation machinery and other special vehicles.
2 years warranty.
3000PSI Welded Cylinders


* Y&J Standard Clevis Welding Cylinder
3000PSI Working Pressure
* 4500PSI Test Pressure
* 2 Years Warranty

A. Clevis Pin - High tensile steel, zinc plated
B. C or R-Clip - Spr. Steel, zinc plated
C. Rod End Clevis - Steel formed or Steel cast
D. Gland - High-grade ductile iron
E. Cylinder Rod - High tensile steel, hard chrome plated
F. Tube - Precision honed CD material
G. Piston - High-grade ductile iron
H. Piston Nut - Heavy-duty, torqued, self-lock nut
I. Port Plug - High-grade plastic
J. Base End Clevis - Durable steel cast
1. Rod Wiper - Hallite 520
2. Rod Seal - Hallite 605 Twin Lips Rod Seal
3. Tube Seal - O-ring with backup
4. Piston id Seal - O-ring
5. Piston Seal - Crown Type Piston Seal 
    Ports - SAE (NPTF port or other can be available). Ports 90 degree to Pins 
    Paint - Black (Custom colors are available) 


Dimensional data in inches
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